New Nighttime Grind Guard Relieves Jaw Pain

New Nighttime Grind Guard Relieves Jaw Pain

Don’t be so quick to blame your sore jaw or stiff neck on sleeping on a flat pillow or at an odd angle. Instead, a pattern of subconscious nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching (known as bruxism) could be to blame.
Bruxism is more common than most people realize — approximately 1 in 6 American adults suffer from it.
New Nighttime Grind Guard Relieves Jaw Pain

Signs of bruxism include teeth pain or sensitivity, as well as pain in the jaw, neck, or inner ear. If left untreated, bruxism also can cause permanent damage to the teeth by wearing away the protective enamel. And compromised enamel also increases the risk of developing cavities and gum disease.
Bruxism is most often caused by stress and, although there is no specific medication or treatment to cure bruxism, the condition can be managed successfully by using a nighttime dental guard as part of a regular oral health care routine.
One problem, however, is that current products wear down quickly or don’t position the jaw to relieve the symptoms of bruxism sufferers.
Enter the Ora-Guard Dental Grind Guard, a newly designed product that has been reviewed and cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use by patients with bruxism.
This nighttime dental guard is made of a soft, medical-grade material designed for comfort and to help absorb the pressure of jaw clenching.
Unlike other products available, the guard also features hard- surface molar pads to protect the teeth from the back-and-forth grinding pressure of nighttime bruxism.
The unique 2mm bite wedge design naturally slides the lower jaw down and forward, and has clinically shown to increase the airway by 30 percent, aiding in more natural breathing during sleep.
In addition, Ora-Guard is significantly less expensive than a customized dentist-made grind guard. An easy, individualized custom fit can be obtained with the simple 60 second microwave fit procedure.
A flexible labial strap allows the guard to accommodate most mouth sizes, and T-bars along each side help to hold it securely in place. Another key feature is the low level of maintenance: simply rinse the guard with mouthwash or water before using it at night and store it in the accompanying case during the day.
Because of its more advanced materials, the life of this guard is more than six months compared to current guards, which have a much shorter life span.

Why Yoga Relieves Stress, Improves Health and Balances Your Life

Why Yoga Relieves Stress, Improves Health and Balances Your Life
 Life is stressful. Between a down economy, long commutes to a job you may not even like, and overbearing bosses, not to mention trying to eke out a few minutes of "me" time in between diaper changes and dinner dates with your significant other, life can be challenging.Equally apparent is that for decades we’ve been told that yoga can combat all of these stressors — and yet, it seems as if it is one of the last things people try to take the edge off.For Leslie Crespi, a social worker in Atlanta, it was the changes she saw in a colleague that got her to consider attending an Inner Engineering program of Isha yoga. A key component to the practice is the "kriya," which Crespi describes to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an interview as a "process to energize and balance the human system using breathing.""The kriya gives me a sense of balance and the ability to deal with life as it is," she tells the paper. "It’s not about what I do anymore. It’s about how I am, and that’s a beautiful way to live."If the thought of having more balance and energy in your life sounds intriguing, the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences may just be for you.Nestled in Tennessee’s spectacular Upper Cumberland (45 minutes outside of Chattanooga), the retreat center offers daily campus tours that include light hikes, rejuvenating time spent in Adiyogi: Abode of Yoga (an energized meditation space), and a visit to the largest yoga and meditation hall in the western hemisphere.For daytrippers, visitors learn yoga for free, if they arrive in the scheduled time for the session each day.Looking to stay awhile? An overnight includes the option of private studio accommodations, delicious vegetarian buffet meals, and an introductory yoga session of the visitor’s choice, such as the yoga of sound, yoga for strengthening the joints, and yoga for purifying life energies.The center also offers a myriad of opportunities for hiking and mountain biking on forested trails winding throughout nearly 1,400 acres. The center’s five miles of mountain biking trails feature waterfalls, a spring-fed creek, and bluff overlooks.And for those strictly interested in getting centered, there are beginning level yoga and meditation weekends, classical Hatha yoga programs, and individual wellness retreats.For more information


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