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Physician Prescribers Should Recommend Drug-Free Options Rather Than Opioids for Pain Relief

Physician PrescribersThe recent opioid overdose-related death of Prince, a world-renowned musician, has once again put the spotlight on how overmedicated our society is and how desperately it is in need of an adjustment.
Last March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shook the medical industry to its roots by encouraging doctors to use conservative care options prior to taking out the prescription pad for opioid use.
The move came in response to growing alarm over the most recent statistics, showing an annual toll of 28,647 deaths involving the potentially addictive drugs. The United States makes up only 4.6 percent of the world’s population, and yet consumes 80 percent of its opioids — and 99 percent of the world’s hydrocodone.
The most popular alternative approach, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine, is chiropractic care. And now the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the voice of the chiropractic profession, is out with a new white paper (“Chiropractic: A Safer Strategy Than Opioids”) that doesn’t stop at merely calling on prescribers to strictly follow the guidelines. Among the Foundation’s other recommendations:
• Establishing there is “more responsible marketing and physician education” on the part of the pharmaceutical manufacturers.
• Ensuring that chiropractic care is covered by all government and commercial insurance plans.
• Expanding chiropractic services to more veterans and active duty military members who are experiencing pain.
“The United States has awakened to the crushing impact of the opioid use/abuse epidemic,” says Sherry McAllister, DC, the Foundation’s executive vice president. Doctors of chiropractic, who have a minimum seven years of higher education, provide nonpharmaceutical care and conservative pain management to sufferers of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, such as acute and chronic back and neck pain, as well as headaches. Numerous studies have shown chiropractic care yields improved patient outcomes, higher satisfaction and lower costs.

New Sauna Accelerates Health and Fitness Benefits

Health and Fitness Benefits Infrared sauna manufacturer Luxsauna has announced a new distribution deal with Hi-Q Fitness for the rights to promote its latest product, the FitBomb far infrared fitness sauna.
LuxSauna has been an innovator of the use of infrared sauna technology in the health and fitness business since 2004. The company has been a market leader as well; more than 20,000 LuxSauna infrared saunas have been sold worldwide.
The new owners of LuxSauna have expressed a goal of remaining strong players in the health and fitness category. According to a company press release, they hope to expand beyond the traditional sauna audience with the new, patent-pending FitBomb sauna by emphasizing its additional health and fitness benefits supplementing the well-known detox and relaxation benefits of traditional infared saunas. The potential benefits of the FitBomb include therapeutic recovery, fitness, pain relief from arthritis pain and headaches, as well as relief from the pain of muscle strains and sprains, improved circulation, improvements in the appearance of scars and skin tone, and weight loss.
“The FitBomb is a health and fitness breakthrough for anyone, regardless of age, physical limitation, handicap or fitness level,” says David Floyd, inventor of the FitBomb. “In addition to years of research revealing massive health benefits derived from the infrared heat technology, the new FitBomb helps trigger your body to build muscle, burn fat and even heal itself,” he states in a company statement.
The FitBomb provides another tool in the fitness toolkit that may replace most others and is especially beneficial for anyone older than 40. In general, muscles shrink with age. Data suggest that muscle mass in adults over 40 years of age declines by as much as 8 percent per decade, the result of a process known as sarcopenia. With age, reduced muscle tone may start to interfere with activities of daily living, such as climbing stairs or carrying groceries. Cosmetic effects, such as sagging skin and increased fat, also start to appear.
However, a potential muscle-building protein may be activated from using a tool such as the Hi-Q FitBomb. Combining regular sauna use with a healthy diet may also mitigate the impact of aging on the body and mind, Mr. Floyd notes

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Have Pain? Chiropractic Can Help, and It’s Safer Than Opioids and Other Pain Pills

Pain Pills,Have Pain? Have Pain? Chiropractic Can Help, and It’s Safer Than Opioids and Other Pain Pills
Three days. That’s the maximum amount of time doctors are supposed to prescribe opioids for in most cases, according to the new guidelines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released in March in an attempt to reverse the mounting death toll and serious adverse effects to the liver, stomach and kidneys from the overuse of prescription and over-the-counter pain pills.
But the guidelines are only a rule of thumb — voluntary standards — and a just-released survey by the National Safety Council (NSC) shows just how difficult it could be to get physicians on board: Not only did 99 percent of doctors polled say they prescribe the potentially highly addictive drugs for longer than three days, but — even worse, given their effect on the brain — 23 percent say they prescribe at least a month’s worth at one time.
“Opioids do not kill pain, they kill people,” says Dr. Donald Teater, the Council’s medical adviser.
So what’s a patient who wants a safer alternative for pain management to do?
The CDC and others, including the Food and Drug Administration, advocate for non-pharmacological approaches. Many experts recommend drug-free chiropractic care for those suffering from headaches and other neuro-musculoskeletal conditions involving the back, neck and other joint-related extremity pain.
In fact, the whole “chiropractic-first” movement — over both prescription pills and elective surgery — is based on numerous studies showing it yields improved patient outcomes, higher satisfaction and lower costs.
“A more conservative and safer approach is needed, and yet you have 72 percent of doctors in the NSC survey prescribing opioids for back pain,” says Sherry McAllister, DC, executive vice president of the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, noting that doctors of chiropractic have a minimum of seven years of higher education and use techniques focusing on conservative spinal manipulation and structural adjustments, with advice on healthy living.


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