Wine Pairing Tips for Summer Fun

The thought of pairing a wine

Road Trip! Summer Means Hitting The Open Highway

"Are we there yet?"Ah, the familiar refrain that has stood the test of time and one that sends most parents cringing while taking a family road trip.As the summer of 2018 kicks off, consider this: 68 percent of Americans are likely to go on vacation, and 85 percent of them will travel by car, based on data from a recent online survey of approximately 1,500 adults.While aspects of a road trip may be daunting, a majority of these travelers acknowledge that getting there is half the fun: 24 percent strongly agree, and 45 percent somewhat agree that getting to a vacation spot is often as enjoyable as being there.If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the car during a road trip, read on.A survey conducted by NACS, a trade association representing the convenience-store industry, reveals that most passengers want to be social: just over 60 percent report that they enjoy talking with fellow passengers and almost 80 percent cite listening together to music, podcasts, or audio b…

How to protect our lives from heart attack

*دنیا میں سب سے زیادہ اموات كولیسٹرول* *Choledstrol* *بڑھنے کی وجہ سے ہارٹ اٹیک* *Heart Attack* *سے ہوتی ہیں.*
*آپ خود اپنے ہی گھر میں ایسے بہت سے لوگوں کو جانتے ہوں گے جن کا وزن اور كولیسٹرول بڑھا ہوا ھے.*
 *اگر آپ کو کوئی تکلیف ہوئی تو ڈاکٹر کہے گا *Angioplasty* *(اےنجيوپلاسٹي)* كرواؤ .اس آپریشن میں ڈاکٹر دل کی نالی میں ایک *Spring* ڈالتے ہیں جسے stent کہتے ہیں.یہ *Stent* امریکہ میں بنتا ہے اور *اس کا Cost of Production صرف 3 ڈالر (300 یا 350 روپے ہے).*
اسی stent کو پاک و ہند میں لاکر *3 یا 5 لاکھ روپے* میں فروخت کیا جاتا ہے اور آپ کو لوٹا جاتا ہے. *ڈاکٹروں کو ان روپوں کا *Commission* *ملتا ہے* ، اسی لیے وہ آپ سے بار بار کہتا ہے کہ Angioplasty كرواؤ .
*Cholestrol، BP ya heart attack*
آنے کی اہم وجہ ہے، Angioplasty آپریشن. یہ کبھی کسی کا کامیاب نہیں ہوتا.كيونکے ڈاکٹر جو spring دل کی نالی میں رکھتا ہے وہ بالکل pen کی spring کی طرح ہوتی ہے.
*کچھ ہی مہينوں میں اس spring دونوں سائیڈوں پر آگے اور پیچھے blockage *(cholesterol اور fat)* جمع ہونا شروع ہو جاتا ہے.اس کے بعد پھر آتا ہے دوسرا *…

Employees Seek Out Benefits Packages With More Perks

Employees Seek Out Benefits Packages With More PerksAs consumers are asked to assume more health care costs than in the past, it’s important to consider benefits packages that offer more holistic support besides the usual health, dental and vision policies. Consumers should know that there are plans available today that will promote their overall well-being, which includes physical, mental and financial health.
Luckily, many employers see the need for robust benefits offerings, with some incorporating new solutions to meet increased employee demand for more from their benefits provider. In fact, 34 percent of employers surveyed in a Towers Watson study indicated they already offer more customization with voluntary benefits. Companies like Aflac are expanding services, ranging from credit monitoring to supplemental accident benefits to helping provide employees and their families with financial protection.

As consumers select benefits options provided by their employer, here are three…

New Treatment Shows Signs of Curbing Cancer Growth

New Treatment Shows Signs of Curbing Cancer Growth

A new experimental anti-cancer compound significantly reduced the average tumor weight of pancreatic cancers and ovarian cancers in preliminary studies, based on data released by Propanc Health Group Corporation. In the studies, mice inoculated with tumor cells were treated with injections of PRP, a combination of two proenzymes, trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen.
In a pancreatic cancer study, tumors treated with PRP showed 86 percent inhibition compared with controls at 26 days after treatment. In a separate ovarian cancer study, researchers observed significant reductions in average tumor weight of 54 percent and 48 percent at the highest and lowest effective PRP doses, respectively. Furthermore, several mice in treatment groups of two different dosages appeared to have no tumors on final examination.

Based on the findings, Propanc, an emerging health care company, has filed a patent to specify the target effective dose range in pre…

3 Most Helpful researches About Health Threat

An Unknown Threat: What Poor Posture May Be Doing to Your Body

Feeling tense and achy? It may be due to poor posture.
While the media is touting warnings about “tech neck” — the neck pain and damage sustained from hunching over smartphones and other devices for too long — you’re actually risking harm to your overall health if any other body part becomes misaligned.
That’s because, as the American Journal of Pain Management notes, a person’s posture affects and moderates every physiological function, from breathing to hormonal production.
Yes, every physiological function.
How, you may ask? “Our muscles and ligaments routinely work to balance us as we sit, stand, bend and sleep,” says Sherry McAllister, DC, executive vice president of the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. “Over time, however, uneven stress causes the body to adapt and change, subsequently causing aches and pains.”
Various factors can contribute to poor posture, including injury, stress, obesity, pre…

Tamera Mowry-Housley Encourages Parents to Reclaim Family Dinner Nights

Tamera Mowry-Housley Encourages Parents to Reclaim Family Dinner Nights
 As a busy working mom to two young children, Tamera Mowry-Housley, co-host of TV’s “The Real,” understands the daily challenge of juggling her time between home and work. However, family time is of the utmost importance to her, and she still sets aside time to cook meals with her family almost every night. She encourages other parents to reclaim family dinner nights, and there’s no better time to start than summer, when the days are longer and the weather is perfect for backyard dinners.
While it may sound daunting and time-consuming to prepare dinner after a long day at work, it doesn’t have to be. To make cooking easier, the RAGU brand has launched its new line of RAGU Homestyle sauces that have a heartier texture and a bolder flavor. Even the most demanding home cooks would be proud to serve new RAGU Homestyle sauces to their family, including Mowry-Housley.
“I’m a busy mom, but I make it a priority to set as…